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"If you build it, they will come." -Why "Do You Speak Geek"?

"Ladies and Gentlemen... Blerds and Nerds... Freaks and Geeks...

Confession: "Do You Speak Geek" was not my idea.

Since the boom of social media and video content, I've been a fan of it. I loved watching videos produced by comedians, hip-hop personalities, wrestling journalists, and "nerd bloggers". It would trip me out to read and listen to all the "hot takes" these individuals would have with these wild opinions and provoking commentary. The more informative pieces always caught my attention. I felt "in the loop" when I would hear about breaking news from reliable sources. This "insider" feeling was compounded by the way my friends and family would look to me to confirm rumors or break them off a piece of exclusive info.

Now, I don't want to set up the notion that I'm some sort of an IP thief. The name, the show, and all content of "Do You Speak Geek" is on me! But the horses that it rode in on; the idea of doing a podcast and YouTube channel with a focal point on geek/nerd culture. These were not the plans that I had for myself. In fact, I really didn't know about podcasts until the idea to do one was presented to me by a friend.

"I am your host Nix..."

CouchChat! is a Live, social media program with plenty of subject matter and plenty of drinks.

It's hosted by an individual who I have come to know and love: Aaron May aka Aaron Mayzing aka The Pudgy Panther aka my blerd brother!

But similar to DYSG, CouchChat's main source of content leans toward a more geek/nerd focus. It was probably around 2017 when Aaron first approached me with the idea. He had the aspirations of wanting to do a podcast about the kind of stuff we talked about all day at work and wanted to know if I'd be down to be a co-host. Again, not knowing anything about podcasts in general, I said...SURE! LOL! Anything for a friend, right?

Great ideas and concepts all have a common enemy when left in the hands of humans: TIME! Conflicting schedules and just life in general always seemed to keep us from cultivating the details of the podcast. Eventually, we felt it was better to maintain friends and just let the idea go. However, there was something in me that couldn't release it. I guess you could say I felt destined to do this. I mean, this is the stuff I love. This is the stuff I can talk about for hours. Why not share my opinions with the world?

I sought the help of those who I knew would be the most helpful to me in building the brand the way I wanted. Outside of the research, I did on my own, there were a few people that I can say without them, there is no DYSG. Of course my beautiful and wonderful wife Kena aka The Model Mom KD. If for no other reason than just being the battery in my back. Next, would be the Obi-Wan to my Anakin, the Peter to my Miles, the Boba Fett to my Din Djarin, Kris Roley. A podcaster in his own right, a photographer, video and audio editor, and a media producer. Roley was very instrumental in helping me understand and implement the importance of putting the content first.

Next would be Kimberly Smith, owner, and operator of Midday Enchantments Photography. On top of being an incredible photographer, she is the person responsible for all the amazing logos and artwork that you've seen on this website and the social media platforms. She helped me give DYSG a face and for that, I am eternally grateful. My brother-in-law, Dewitt Alston aka Orion Ra aka Mista Witt provided the slapping show intro you hear on each podcast episode. Check'em out; the man got beats! Finally, the heir to the throne, Dono. My son is easily the coolest person I know and he only gets better with age. He also produced the opening used for all our videos and the ending show theme for the podcast.

"But Nix... you still haven't told us why DYSG."

"Live to play, play to win, win to live"

This "passion project", like all should, is 100% personal with many layers. It's an outlet for me. With the stress and monotony of everyday life, DYSG is my way to put my energy toward creating something cool that people will dig. Maybe even like. I do it for the 6-year-old in me from Tarboro, NC. Not a lot of people leave where I'm from. Through whatever circumstances or obligations, most people from Tarboro share the same story: born, raised, died. And there's nothing wrong with that, but for me, I always aspired to be and have more. I love where I'm from. The great Southern wordsmith Jay "Jeezy" Jenkins would say, "I put on for my city".

DYSG is for every nerd and blerd that looks forward to Wednesdays. It's their day to escape whatever is going on in their lives within the pages of a new comic book. If my appreciations and suggestions can make someone fall in love with comics, or even deeper in, then I would have done my job. But mostly, DYSG exists because everything from Marvel to Xbox, Star Trek to iPhones should be enjoyed. Too many of us don't have enough pleasures in life, so we tend to walk around with the grumpy face. Geek and nerd culture is for everyone. And I'm just doing my small part to make sure everyone partakes.

"I speak geek...do you speak geek?"

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